The Pfeiffer Family Portfolio

Our Family:

Jaclyn Pfeiffer
Age: 32. Date of Birth: April 15, 1985.
Profession: Teacher.jaci headshot

Kelly Pfeiffer
Age: 35. Date of Birth: 03/11/1982.
Profession: Nurse.kelly faceshot

Aidan Bardier
Age: 12. Date of Birth: 07/30/2005.
Profession: 7th Grade Student.aidan face headshot

Owen Bardier
Age: 10. Date of Birth: 04/24/2007.
Profession: 4th Grade Student.owen face headshot

Ethan Bardier
Age: 8. Date of Birth: 03/17/2009.
Profession: 3rd Grade Student.ethan face headshot

The Moms:

The Boys:

The Family: