Second Monitoring Appointment at CNY Buffalo

Ultrasound Kelly Jaci
Left 6.06mm, 6.85mm, 7.40mm, 7.60mm, 9.11mm, 10.03mm 6.83mm, 9.14mm, 10.28mm, 10.67mm, 10.67mm, 11.56mm
Right 8.13mm, 8.31mm, 8.85mm, 9.40mm 6.10mm, 8.14mm, 8.21mm, 8.66mm, 8.74mm, 9.94mm, 10.72mm, 10.91mm, 13.07mm
Uterus LxWxH (mm) 78.81×46.48×34.52 79.90×43.45×47.50
Uterus Volume (cc) 66.21 86.33
Endo Thickness/Type 8.01, Multi layered 8.68, Multi layered
Cysts None None
Labs Kelly Jaci
Progesterone 0.16 0.22
Estradiol 562 291
LH 1.9 3.87

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