Our Favorite “What If”


We’ve been quiet on the blog lately, but there has been a lot going on. We took some time to regroup after 3 failed IVF cycles this summer, and decided that while we were figuring out how to afford another round of transfers, we would go back to trying IUI.

Kelly did her first IUI in mid-November, and took her first pregnancy test last Saturday. It was negative. Sunday, she tested again, and thought the test was negative, but when she looked at it again a few hours later, there was a faint second line. After peeing on about 15 more tests, the second line showed up on all of them. We were shocked and in disbelief. We scheduled blood work for a few days later. Tuesday (11/28), the level was 20, which was positive, but low. Thursday (11/30), the level went down to 16. And Friday (12/1), the level was 10. Our OB confirmed that this would not be a viable pregnancy, but was instead what is referred to as a “chemical pregnancy.”

We are devastated, but holding onto the fact that we now know it can happen, and this is the closest we have ever been to holding our dream. We were excited to share the news with our families this Christmas, and are taking some time to grieve this loss before getting back in the game and trying again. Maybe 2018 will be our year.

You will always be our favorite, “What If”

1 thought on “Our Favorite “What If””

  1. My wife and I followed your blog closely over the summer and were so hoping that you guys were having good luck. We also had similar ending with our successful IVF transfer back in September. The joy of a positive test, and the heartache of low hcg numbers and ultimately watching it slip away. Ours lasted to 8 weeks (just about a month after transfer) but it was devastating. Our own “what if”. Hugs to you both and so so many wishes for good news on the horizon.


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