What a Week!

It’s been an interesting week, to say the least. We received an email from New Hope on Wednesday (7/19) saying that Dr. Zhang recommended that Kelly start a new cycle, but if we wanted to proceed, we could monitor early Friday morning at New Hope for a transfer on Friday or Saturday. On Thursday (7/20), Kelly spent the day in the hospital getting an iron infusion, and we bought new plane tickets for Friday early morning so we could be in the city by 8:30am. On the way home from the infusion, we got an email from New Hope at 5:23pm, canceling Kelly’s cycle. It said:

“We know it’s disappointing, but we want the best optimal cycle for you, and unfortunately this was not it. We will certainly monitor you more closely to figure out the best timing. It’s better to be proactive about this, then to take a risk especially with the 3 embryos that you have.”

This email came after we spent $250 on a new flight, $360 to board our dogs, $225 to send our boys to camp for the week we would be gone, and $1800 on a hotel…and that doesn’t even include the money that Jaci’s mom had spent on her trip to be in NY with us. We called New Hope as soon as we got the email, and spoke with Geoffrey. Poor Geoff – he isn’t clinical and has no say in any of our medical decisions, but he sure takes the brunt of our frustration. After talking to Geoff and Geoff talking to the nurses and doctors, we finally got a call from Dr. Merhi.

He said the only reason for canceling Kelly’s cycle was because the monitoring results showed that she ovulated, but there was no way to tell when. Kelly was monitored on CD6 and CD 14, and we had expressed our concern to the time between appointments, but no one else seemed to share our concerns. Once we talked to Dr. Merhi and he learned that Kelly ovulates every month on CD13-14, he felt comfortable scheduling the transfer for Sunday (7/23), 5 days after ovulation. He also said that Jaci’s progesterone needed to be less than 3 to do her transfer, and was currently 3.0. He wanted her to monitor on Sunday (7/23) at New Hope, and said that her progesterone level may go up before it came down, but we would still be able to proceed with a transfer this cycle. And for Kelly, he said there was no need to monitor again. So, we tried to repurchase our original flights so we could get a refund on our new ones, but the price had increased significantly and we didn’t have a choice but to keep the new ones.

So, we flew from Orlando to LaGuardia on Friday (7/21) at 6am. After a 3-hour delay and various other obstacles, we arrived at the hotel in NYC. On Sunday (7/23), Jaci had blood work and an ultrasound in the morning, then we left and went back for Kelly’s transfer at 1:15pm. When we were going over everything with the nurse before the procedure, she told us that Jaci’s results were in and Dr. Zhang had reviewed them, and he was canceling her cycle because she had a progesterone of 15 with no dominant follicle. We went ahead and did the transfer, and the nurses assured us we could talk to Dr. Zhang when we were done.

The transfer went smoothly, and we transferred one of Jaci’s euploid (normal) hatching blastocyst embryos to Kelly.

Afterwards, while Kelly had to stay reclined in recovery, Jaci was pulled to talk to Dr. Zhang. He basically asked her if she was taking progesterone on her own, and when she said no, he told her it was a mystery how her level could be so high with no dominant follicle on her ultrasound. Jaci said she DID have a dominant follicle, and he told her to compare her results with theirs and let her know if there was a discrepancy.

Back in recovery, Kelly pulled up the ultrasound results, which clearly noted a dominant follicle. The nurse took them to the lead nurse, who said it didn’t matter and her cycle was canceled because of her progesterone level.

We re-sent the results to the nurses, medical assistants, and outside monitoring departments before we left. Between Sunday (7/23) and Monday (7/24), Jaci sent 4 emails to all three departments with no response. Finally, on Tuesday (7/25), Jaci sent an email asking for information on shipping our embryos to another clinic, and finally got a response stating that Dr. Zhang was reviewing the results and would be in touch by the end of the day.

But, we didn’t get a call or any other communication until the following day. On Wednesday (7/26), we got an email that said:

“Dr. Zhang wanted me to inform you that moving forward he will review all your results and your chart. He also wanted me to let you know that your ultrasound results from 7/19 were misjudged.”

“Misjudged” meaning cm were not converted to mm. It also said to monitor on 8/7, since this cycle was definitely canceled. Our frustration lies in the fact that even though Jaci had ovulated, we were still in the window to proceed with a transfer had it not taken so many days to get a response. By the time we heard back, that window had closed.

We spent the week with Jaci’s mom and sister. We went to the Broadway Show “On Your Feet,” attended tapings of The View and Good Morning America, went on a sunset cruise to the Statue of Liberty, and visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. We had a really nice “Girls Week” in NYC despite all of the confusion and frustration.

We flew home to Florida yesterday (7/23). Kelly will have her Beta done on Monday (7/31), and once Jaci starts her next cycle, we’ll be back to monitoring and hopefully be able to time a transfer for August. We will continue to update as we know more.


3 thoughts on “What a Week!”

  1. I am so sorry to hear all the issues you guys are putting up with! Really puts it into perspective for me! My clinic is amazing and just down the street. So while it is a very expensive clinic at least I don’t have travel to worry about too! I am really hoping for a BFP on Monday and can’t wait to hear about it!

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  2. I’ve been thinking about you guys every day. I keep checking your webpage to see how everything’s going. Jaci, at this point, your happiness is every bit as important to me as Kelly’s. Plus, I know you make HER happy. Just remember to love each other and have faith.

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