Moving Forward…

We spoke with Dr. Zhang and Dr. Merhi. Everyone is disappointed by the outcome of our first cycle, but hopeful that we might have better success with a frozen transfer. So, that’s what we’ve decided to do. We’ve been monitoring locally (labs and ultrasounds) and plan to head back to NYC around July 21. We’re doing a natural cycle, so dates can (and most likely will) change. 

Jaci’s Cycle Day 1 was July 3, and Kelly’s Cycle Day 1 was July 6. This cycle, we aren’t synced like we were for the first cycle, but we should still be able to transfer within a couple days of each other. 

We’re hoping to make this trip much shorter, and much more successful, and still be back home in time to start work for the new school year. It’s been nice to be home the last couple weeks, relaxing and spending time with the boys, and keeping our stress levels as low as possible. If this next cycle doesn’t work, we most likely won’t be able to try again for at least a few months, so we really want to do everything possible to give this transfer the best possible chance. 

1 thought on “Moving Forward…”

  1. You both have kept such a positive attitude despite the disappointment of the failed first try. I will be praying that this time around to be successful for both of you.
    🌈👶🏻💙 keep moving forward,
    Love and hugs, mom

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