We Kept a Secret!

We had our egg retrievals last Friday and Saturday, and the plan was to head back to Florida on Tuesday and then return to New York in July for the transfers. When we sat down with billing, we found out that a frozen embryo transfer was not included in what we won, and that it would cost quite a bit more than we could come up with. Our main reason for wanting to do frozen instead of fresh transfers was so we would have enough time to do PGS (genetic) testing on the embryos. The amazing people at Genesis Genetics worked closely with the amazing people at New Hope, and arranged for expedited testing. We changed our flights to stay in New York for an extra week, our embryos were biopsied yesterday, and we received the results this morning, so…

We had our embryo transfers this afternoon!

We transferred two beautiful hatching blastocysts. The transfers went smoothly, and afterwards we rested for about 3o minutes. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped and ate McDonald’s fries, just in case they really do help with implantation. We are a mix of nervous, excited, and hopeful. And now we wait…

embryo transfer



3 thoughts on “We Kept a Secret!”

  1. PGS was an excellent choice: although not a perfect guarantee, it’s the absolute most you can do to have a healthy baby. It worked for me: I only had 1 out of 9 be normal with 3 miscarriages due to abnormalities before testing my 2nd fresh. I regret not testing first fresh and subsequent FET. I’d gladly pay extra $$$ for PGS to have avoided those losses & tell everyone I know doing IVF to do it. I did have 1 friend lose 2nd tri with a PGS normal, but the baby’s abnormality was extremely rare and not something PGS would’ve caught. I hope you can get a great beta in the next 12 days and continue to have a normal pregnancy: knowing you tested gives you less anxiety. Good for you: IVF is not for the weak.

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