First Monitoring at New Hope


We had our first monitoring appointment at New Hope today. Everything there functions like a well-oiled machine. We sat in the waiting room until our names were called and then got our blood draws done. Then, back in the waiting room until they called our names again for the ultrasounds. The best part was that they had our results back before we left! For now, the plan is to keep doing the Gonal-F 150 units daily and Clomid 50mg daily (and stop the Femara 2.5mg daily). We go back on Sunday (6/11), for our next monitoring appointment.

Here are today’s numbers:

  • Monitoring Ultrasound:
    • Jaci
      • Lining: 6.1mm
      • R Follicles (10): 10 <8mm
      • L Follicles (24): 20 <8mm, 11.5mm, 11mm, 9mm, 9mm
    • Kelly
      • Lining: 7mm
      • R Follicles (8): 8 <8mm
      • L Follicles (11): 11 <8mm
  • Monitoring Labs
    • Jaci
      • Estrogen: 52.3
      • FSH: 15.3
      • LH: 4.9
      • Progesterone: 1.21
    • Kelly
      • Estrogen: 38
      • FSH: 13
      • LH: 6
      • Progesterone: <L

Oh, and maybe the most exciting part of today: we got to meet Geoffrey. He’s the best!


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