Clomid, Femara & Gonal-F, Oh My!

Today, we took our first dose of our IVF drugs: Clomid (50 mg), Femara (2.5 mg), and Gonal-F (150 units). We were both surprised by how little the injection hurt after all the stories we’ve heard. It’s only day one, but we’re both feeling good right now.

We have 4 more days on this protocol and then we go to New Hope on June 8 for our monitoring appointment. At that appointment, they’ll tell us if we should change our protocol or continue what we’ve been doing. And then we’ll monitor with them until our egg retrieval.

It’s so crazy that this day is actually here. We’ve been hoping and praying and fundraising and saving and entering contests and applying for grants for so long, and it all led up to this day.

1 thought on “Clomid, Femara & Gonal-F, Oh My!”

  1. Lots of wishes for good news at every step for you both. That day still feels so far for us, but we love hearing stories of how other couples are progressing through it while we get ready. And SUPER glad to hear you had a positive experience with the shots – we’ve heard horror stories and are currently trying not to be terrified.

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