Freaking Out a Little

We have so much to update everyone on…and we’ll write more tonight. But, if everyone could please cross their fingers for us and send positive thoughts and prayers, we have an important appointment today at 4:30pm.

Kelly entered an IVF Lottery through New Hope Fertility in NYC and was picked at random for a free cycle of IVF. We talked to the marketing guy, Geoffrey (he’s awesome, btw), and he thinks there’s a chance we can get them to donate a second cycle for Jaci so we can do our Reciprocal IVF through them. In exchange, we would agree to be followed by the media and do interviews with the press. We love the idea of being able to share our story and get the word out that R-IVF is an option for same-sex couples wanting to both be involved in starting their family.
Today at 4:30pm, we have a Skype appointment with Dr. Zaher Merhi. If he is interested in the publicity and likes our story, and wants to offer us the second cycle for free, our total cost for IVF would be $0, and our total cost for medications would be $0 (the pharmaceutical companies are donating the meds for those who won). Our only costs would be travel and genetic testing.

This is a huge opportunity for us and a giant leap forward on our journey to becoming Mom and Mommy. Please send all the positive thoughts and prayers you can and we’ll update everyone after our appointment this evening.

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