Going Backward to Move Forward

Yesterday, we officially took our first step on our IVF journey: We both started birth control. It feels like going backward to start a medication that prevents pregnancy as the first step on the journey to get pregnant, but this will actually sync our cycles with each other. This will allow us to stop the birth control when we are ready to start the IVF medication, follow the same medication schedule, and time our Egg Retrievals and Frozen Embryo Transfers as close together as possible.

frozenAlso, last week we purchased 3 vials of sperm from our donor. So hopefully (half of) our future children are chilling (haha!) right down the street from our house. We’ll ship them to New York when we’re ready.

In other news, we’re in the process of filing our taxes. We’re less concerned with the refund, although tax refund = baby money, and more concerned with getting a copy of our return. There is a program that could get us up to 75% off of fertility meds, but the only way to apply is by submitting a copy of our tax return. Thankfully, last year was a tough year income-wise, so we have a good chance of getting assistance.

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