IVF Consultation

It’s been 6 weeks since our last update, and a lot has happened. We met with a local Reproductive Endocrinologist on January 5. We were told IVF would be our best option, and we were excited because this opened the door for us to do Reciprocal IVF (more on that later). We were ready to take this next step, got some great information, and ultimately, a price tag of $40,000 for one cycle. We left feeling crushed and hopeless, knowing there was no way we could come up with that kind of money without years of saving.

After many internet searches and talking to people in IUI and IVF groups online, we learned of an IVF clinic in New York that costs considerably less than the price we were quoted locally. They charge $3,900 for IVF (x2), plus the costs of medications and monitoring, and that price includes frozen embryo transfers for a full year! With the first clinic, we would have to pay approximately $15,00 per additional cycle if the first was not successful. This clinic gives us some assurance that we have a second chance.

We called CNY (the clinic in NY) and made an appointment for an initial consultation with one of the doctors. Thankfully they schedule these appointments over the phone. We spoke with Dr. Grossman yesterday at 7:30am. He asked us some medical history-type questions, answered some of our questions, and gave us a very vague timeline. We were hoping to schedule our egg retrievals for over spring break, but because of finances and timing, we are now looking at early June, the week after school ends.

The only frustration I had with the consultation is that I’m a planner, and the doctor was very relaxed. I wanted to know medications and doses, he gave us medications and “usual” doses. We talked about the need to sync our cycles and I asked when we should start birth control, to which he responded that April or May would be fine, and to call the clinic. I would have felt much better if he said, April 1, or on the first day of our cycles in May. I feel like there’s still so much in the air. We talked about ordering our medication from the UK to save money, and he said to get what we could and call the office for a prescription for the rest. But I need a prescription or I can’t place the order. I’m hoping now that we’ve talked to a doctor, we can call the clinic and they’ll be able to give us more information since we’re now considered their patients. I want to be able to write all the dates in my planner and know what we need to pay for when.

Frustration aside, this is what we know…We will each have to schedule some testing to make sure we are ready to go (this should be covered by insurance, and we should know more tomorrow as far as what tests and when, and if we will have to pay anything out of pocket). We will both start birth control in the next couple months to make sure our cycles are synced and the egg retrievals will be as close together as possible. We will travel to the clinic once we are out of work for the summer, and get the process started. 😊

The table below shows what we know now, but I will post again as we get more information. Not included in the table are the costs of monitoring, or travel expenses. I’m hoping to get those numbers tomorrow as well.

Date/Time Frame Medication, Procedure, etc. Cost
(with Start of Cycles)
Start Birth Control Pills to Sync Our Cycles $0
(Covered by Insurance)
End of May/
Beginning of June
Gonal-F or Follistim
x 10 Days
($1200 each)
End of May/
Beginning of June
Ganirelix or Certrotide
x 10 Days
($330 each)
End of May/
Beginning of June
x 10 Days
($180 each)
Early June Lupron
x2 Days
($179 each)
Early June Egg Retrievals (!) $1000
($500 each) *this is also our down payment to finance the embryo transfers for the next 12 months*
Early June PGS (Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening) $2750
(Hopefully they let us each test 4 embryos, since this is the cost we were quoted for 8 embryos – if they don’t, it would potentially be $5400)
Total Cost
($ needed by May)
(or $10,278 depending
on PGS)

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