Femara, Take 1

We ended up having to use Provera when Jaci’s period didn’t come after taking a month off for our wedding. That cycle ended up lasting 45 days, and her period finally came on Saturday (11/19).

We have used Clomid for the last 3 IUI’s, without success, and there is no good explanation for why it hasn’t worked. Our fear is that even though the Clomid was ensuring ovulation, it was also thinning her uterine lining. We wanted to do something different this cycle, and after discussing it with our doctor, decided to try Femara instead of Clomid. Femara is often successful for women with PCOS, so we’re hopeful that it will work for us. We are doing 5mg on days 3-7, and expect ovulation around day 16.

This will be IUI #6, but our first with Femara, and our first since we got married. Hopefully this is our month. A BFP would be an amazing Christmas present. femara

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