IUI #5

We weren’t sure if we were going to try this month because money was tight and our wedding is next month, and life is a little crazier than normal. But Jaci had taken Clomid, so we figured we’d use the OPKs and see if we could make it work. On Sunday, we ordered and paid for the straw online, but had to get a MOT10 instead of our usual MOT20 because of finances. On Sunday evening, three days earlier than we expected it, we saw a smiley on the OPK. I immediately text our doctor to see if he could do the IUI in the office the next day. He responded that he was out Monday and Tuesday, but had called in a favor and another doctor in the office would do it for us. This is huge because their office doesn’t do fertility.

I called into work for the next day so I would be home to make phone calls in the morning and so I could go to the appointment. I called the doctor’s office to get on the schedule, and they gave me an appointment for 2:15pm. Then I called the bank and told them we had gotten the positive OPK earlier than we expected, and they – thankfully – were willing to get the straw ready by noon (they usually require 24 hours notice).

Jaci left work at 1:15pm, picked me up at the house, and then we picked up the tank, and made it to the office on time. At the appointment, the staff was amazing! They were excited to help us, and excited for us. We joked that I sat there and watched while another man got my fiance pregnant! And they said they would have their fingers crossed for us and hoped to see us again in a couple weeks for blood work.

The doctor used a sound to make sure he was in the top of the uterus, put the sperm right where they needed to be, and checked a little sample left behind in the straw to make sure the count/motility was good. He even came and got me and let me look in the microscope. The sample was miniscule, but there were hundreds, if not thousands of sperm in that little bit. The doctor said they hoped for at least 20% motility, but that it looked like at least 50% were not only swimming, but swimming straight! It was so cool to see!

We both feel really good about this month, and the doctor seemed really hopeful as well. Fingers crossed and Sticky Baby Dust! We plan to test October 1. What an amazing October it will be if we get a BFP in the same month as our wedding!

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