IUI #3

We have been doing ClearBlue Digital OPKs since CD10, about every 3-4 hours, and we were starting to get nervous that we were getting circles (negatives) every time. Finally, today, on CD19, we got our smiley (positive) around 3:30pm. We had heard that Clomid could delay ovulation, and since Jaci’s cycles have been irregular, we weren’t really sure when to expect the positive. But after 9 straight days of negatives, we were starting to feel discouraged. Our doctor wanted us to try to do the IUI within a couple hours of the positive, but no later than 12 hours after, depending on our schedules. We did our 3rd IUI at home tonight just after 8pm.

We are feeling very hopeful for this cycle. Tomorrow we will call the doctor to schedule a progesterone level to confirm ovulation. Fingers crossed for lots of baby dust, a quick two week wait, and a positive test in two weeks.

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