OB/GYN Appointment

We went to a follow up appointment with the OB/GYN today to get the results from the HSG. Everything looks good, both tubes are open (although one filled slower than the other, so there’s a chance it may have been blocked, but cleared by the dye). Jaci’s uterus is arcuate (heart-shaped) but shouldn’t cause any problems with conception or implantation. And the doctor believes her PCOS is mild, only really causing a problem with hirsutism (hair-growth) but not with her blood sugar. This is all good news. Jaci’s last labs were done on cycle day 48, and showed that she was in the follicular phase of her cycle when she should have been in the luteal phase. This likely means that it was an anovulatory cycle. But now we have a plan, and we feel good about it. Jaci has been prescribed Provera, 10mg for 7 days, to induce her period. Tomorrow is day 7, and she will hopefully start her cycle within about a week. On cycle days 3-7, she will take Clomid 150mg daily, and on cycle day 10, we will start to monitor for ovulation. Once we get a positive OPK, we will do our next IUI within 12 hours, and then go back for a progesterone level on cycle day 21. In the middle of all of this, we are supposed to take a trip to visit Jaci’s parents for 8 days (June 1-8), so hopefully all of the timing works out, or we may be shipping our IUI straws to Pennsylvania. We are excited to have a plan, and are feeling really good about this cycle. Now, we just wait for AF (and for the first time, we actually WANT her to show up!).


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