This website is going to be a place where we can document our journey to motherhood as a lesbian couple. Jaci is 31 years old and will be carrying our baby. Kelly is 34 years old and has three boys from a previous relationship.

We did our first IUI at home on January 6 and 7, 2016, with two MOT5 inseminations at 12 and 24 hours after our positive OPK. Our second IUI was April 8, 2016, with one MOT20 insemination at 24 hours after our positive OPK.  We are currently in the Two Week Wait.

We are using a non-anonymous donor from Cryos International, a sperm bank located just a few minutes from our home. We have an extended profile and baby pictures of our donor, but he will remain anonymous until our child is 18, at which point they can decide if they want to contact him.

We are so excited to start a family together, but are realizing that there aren’t a lot of resources for same-sex couples, so we’ve decided to make our journey public. We hope our experiences can help you in your own journey!

-Kelly & Jaci

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